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Windows 10: How to create or use a homegroup?


PHP Programming Tutorial | Learn in 1 Hour

More Programming Tutorials
The video playlist below contains programming tutorials on many different languages. And each video is only an hour long. I think these tutorials are great. Usually I'll view the same video a few times to get the most out of the 44 minutes.

The Era of the Intelligent Cloud

In this brief webinar, Sumit Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager at Zoolz, gives you a glimpse into the future of cloud storage and data management.

Learn the problems companies face and how Zoolz Intelligent Cloud can solve these challenges.

Welcome to the future:

Thanks for coming.

12 Chrome Extensions For Web Developers


VoiceNote Speech to Text Platform

Do You Want to Talk Instead of Typing?The Chrome VoiceNote Speech to Text Platform can help you with that task. I installed it and began using it right away. It's a robust system that saves me a lot of time when I'm on my computer.

I have been using the voice recognition on Android phones for a couple years now so it's about time I start doing the same thing on the PC. One of the reasons I have been reluctant to use voice recognition software in the past because the products that had been distributed in the past decade have been of poor quality [that's being nice].